Triumph NO! Shopping bag Bra

November 16, 2006

With the latest version of the Containers and Packaging Recycling Law specifically stating the reduction of plastic bag consumption as one of Japan’s key objectives, world famous lingerie maker Truimph International Japan has lifted the curtain on a brand new brassiere that doubles up as a shopping bag.

The “No! Shopping Bag Bra” is hoped to vastly reduced the use of plastic bags by shoppers in Japan, carrying their melons and other groceries in their converted underwear instead. It takes just a short while to put together the bra into the form of a shopping bag.

Questions: How to remove bra at the checkout counter? After removing the bra, is it okay to jiggle your breast? Is holding up your breast more important or the water melons? What is the girl in the photo shopping in her underwear?

Extract from Triumph Japan