Eneloop Lamp

July 1, 2009

Sanyo rechargeable Eneloop Lamp light your home when upright or your path when held like a flashlight as it passes the 90-degree mark. It also features a healing function that emits a cool blue light. The internal AAs recharge in about 12-hours when set atop the included induction charger. Fully charged, you can expect between 3 to 45 hours of white light, 12 to 16 hours of the blue glow, and about 6 hours in flashlight mode.

Extract from Sanyo

Sanyo Eneloop Solar Charger

October 31, 2006

For 20k YEN, it charges up your rechargable batteries and your USB powered equipments in about 2.5hrs using its built-in lithium ion batteries which themselves are refreshed from the sun. Anything that’s free must be good. Sooo…. what’s the catch? 6days… for the sun to do its magic…

Extract from PC Watch