Palm Pixi

September 9, 2009

Palm has officially announced its second webOS device called the Pixi. Like the Pre, this will be launched in US which means it’s a CDMA device and won’t work in Asia and Europe.
The handset sport a QWERTY keypad under a 2.63-inch 320 x 400 touchscreen. According to Palm’s Webpage, the Pixi doesn’t come with Wi-Fi, though it has Bluetooth and GPS. The company also announced back covers for this new smartphone designed by artists for those who like to personalize their Pixi.

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Palm Pre

January 16, 2009

The new Palm and Palm OS. I am still using the Tungsten T2, and I am using a Nokia E77. It takes so long the Palm to do something better, I thought they were going to die.

The Palm Pre, preview at the CES, shows a slider keyboard, runs multiple applications, smooth application with the new WebOS like the iPhone and really fast. 3 megapixel camera, GPS, claims to have tons of softwares online for use to buy. It has an inductive charger called Touchstone that lets you just place the phone atop it for power.

I will give up using Nokia when it launch in the shores of Singapore probably at the end of 2009… if Nokia is stale… I was a fan of Palm, and it seems they have rekindled the flame in heart.

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Palm Treo 500v

October 2, 2007

The Palm Treo 500v, a European cousin of the Centro, that should be coming to Singapore shore is a consumer-centric smart phone that packs 3G, no Wi-Fi and HSDPA, no touchscreen (a first from Palm), 2-megapixel camera, expandable microSD slot and Windows Mobile 6… there must always be something that is not up to standard… when will it be the day Palm has a flagship phone that is able to replace the Ericssons and Nokias?

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Palm® Centro™ Smartphone

October 2, 2007

The Palm Centro, a smart phone that I would buy to replace my other high end smartphones just because it is running on Palm OS, smaller and nicer than the previous generations of Treo. Sadly, don’t know if it will ever come to Singapore shore.

The Centro has a touchscreen, a low 1.3 megapixels camera with 2x digital zoom and video capture , microSD card for expansion and all the standards of a Palm.

Extract from Palm U.S.

Palm Treo 680

October 13, 2006

Palm lightened up with its Treo line by adding a new GSM model with colours! It should have done so years ago, not every girl like a chunk of blue or black or grey for their smart phone. It might even attract a different group of users now.

Coming in crimson, copper, arctic and graphite, each of these phones come with Palm OS® 5.4.9, a 320×320 color screen, 64MB of internal storage, 312MHz Intel PXA270 processor, quad-band GSM, EDGE class 10, speakerphone, VGA camera, 352×288 video recording, and a full QWERTY keypad.

Extract from Palm US

Palm Treo 750v

September 28, 2006

Either the mold of the Palm Treo is very expensive or Palm thinks that this is the most successful design of the decade. it never change! Ok, it removed the antenna, the curves changes a bit, the keypad reverses it color and changes shape or position. But its still the same!

To be launch in Singapore first from the first week of October, it is a few grams lighter at 154g without the antenna, the device looks and feels very much like a traditional BlackBerry, albeit with a Windows Mobile 5.0 interface. Supporting quadband GSM, GPRS and EDGE as well as 3G (but not HSPDA), it also has texting functions built into the Palm-designed overlay that sits on the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system. Google is also hardwired into the Today screen, according to Palm. Priced at SGD1,268.

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