iPhone 4.0

September 2, 2010

I had disappeared… almost a year… choose reason…
a) i was too busy with a new life
b) i lost my password
c) my image library is full
d) it takes too much effort

Seriously? I can’t remember but I felt like blogging what i found to be an amazing product by Apple (iPod Touch iOS4) just now and so I logged in. Looking below my post, and you will see that i left off almost a year ago with a HTC phone and an Apple mouse. Today I want to write about the HTC Hero I have now and the iPhone 4 that I want to get…

I am still using the HTC Hero… it was great and it was lousy… it gave me instant view of the my stock portfolio and my hotmail and a full facebook site with a direct photo upload link and a good camera… it has 1 day battery life and it drop calls or even missed it. That’s bad since a phone’s basic function is to make calls.

So, I traded in my Nokia E71 for it’s new brother, the E72 since that what it’s good for, making calls and lasting for days and its got free Ovi map!

 I was contemplating on getting the N8 but Nokia is just taking so too long to launch for its own good. But the Symbian on the E72 made me think twice of waiting for the N8 although it is going to be a major upgrade and it has a 12 mega pixel camera! Symbian is too slow! I can’t even surf properly, but not to condemn it because it’s not really a phone for surfing.

So why do I wanna get an iPhone, I am not even an iPhone fan. I bought an iPod touch 2nd Generation and I seldom used it. Well, sadly, the Android in HTC Hero made me got so used to entertainment and information on the go… and there isn’t really anything to look forward to in the Android world now even after upgarding my Hero’s OS from 1.5 to 2.1…

The iPhone had said “In so many ways, it’s a first”.
It’s the first with a good surfing OS, the first with the Wifi made so easy it’s idiot proofed, the first with a glass panel so hard it can crush a real apple without damaging the phone, the first to make a walkie talkie glamorous with its facetime software, the first to have a badly designed antenna and still lived to tell the good news to it’s shareholders, the first to sell online for SGD888 and people can still buy from you for SGD1300… how cool is that?

I bought one for my wife… and I am going to get one for myself next month when the HTC Hero’s contract is up.

Extract from Apple SG, Nokia SG

Nokia N97

December 2, 2008

Nokia new flagship phone. “Nokia today unveiled the Nokia N97, the world’s most advanced mobile computer… Designed for the needs of Internet-savvy consumers, the Nokia N97 combines a large 3.5″ 16:9 widescreen touch display with a full QWERTY keyboard, providing an ‘always open’ window to favorite social networking sites and Internet destinations…”.
Integrated A-GPS, an electronic compass, HSDPA and WLAN, 32 GB of on-board memory, expandable with a 16 GB microSD card for music, 5-Megapixel camera with high-quality Carl Zeiss optics, 16:9 and DVD quality video capture.
iPhone and Omnia killer?

Extract from Nokia

Nokia N96

February 12, 2008

All these new phones reminded me of the first generation Ericsson 256 colour phones…

The Nokia N96 builds on the success of N95. A large 2.8″ screen, 16 GB of internal memory and supports common video formats including MPEG-4, Windows Media Video and Flash Video. High-speed USB 2.0 connection and WLAN and HSDPA support. DVB-H receiver offers live broadcast TV with an automatically updating program guide and built-in 3D stereo speakers.
N96 can even be further expanded with an optional microSD card which increases the memory up to 24 GB.

5 MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, flash and video light. It allows DVD-like quality video capture at 30 frames per second and integrated A-GPS to ‘geotag’ your pictures with location data and share them in online communities.

Extract from Nokia

Nokia N78

February 11, 2008

Nokia N78, a multimedia computer which packs a powerful range of technologies, including integrated A-GPS, with free Nokia Maps, WLAN and high-speed HSPDA 3G connectivity, a 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, and support for microSD memory card. The novelties of the N78 are geotagging of photos and – the key word of next generation phones – an integrated FM transmitter! that allows music to be played on any FM radio, in a car or at home. The N78 also comes with Nokia Internet Radio, giving instant access to thousands of radio stations around the world.
And what it did not say but you can see on the picture above – touch sensors replace buttons!

Extract from Nokia

Nokia N82

November 16, 2007

Like the Nokia N95, the N82 is a powerful handset that will certainly appeal to those who want a full-featured mobile phone. looking like the N73 and features similar functions of N95, the only difference is the candy bar form, Xenon flash, smaller 2.4-inch QVGA display which will now make it even harder to surf the Web or use for GPS directions, 100MB of onboard memory and 2GB microSD card.
Saving molding cost? Looks to me like how a car manufacturer updates a car model with better headlights and sports rim but otherwise same specifications.

Extract from CNET Asia

Nokia N95 (8Gb)

August 31, 2007

The N95 (8Gb) edition is a beautiful black model, has a 2.8 inch screen instead of a 2.4 inch screen (same QVGA res), and improved battery life of up to 30% better. 3G, GPS, HSDPA, Bluetooth, A2DP, Infrared, USB, WLAN, Symbian OS ver 9.2. Still 5 megapixels camera but has no lens cap, and a Xenon flash instead of LED.

Looks more robust than the old silver flagship model but still a brick.

Extract from Nokia Nseries

Nokia N76

June 10, 2007

The Nokia N76 is a slim and sexy clamshell. It definately look different from the other clamshells in the market. Its top panel is reminiscent of the mirror-like finish on the LG Shine (KU970) and has quick-access multimedia playback buttons below the LCD. I think the small screen is to save money. Has a 3.5mm slot for standard earphone plugs which I like, has RAZR like keypad and ambient light sensor will activate the keypad’s backlight in a shade of brilliant blue. There’s also a customizable multimedia key which can be configured to access frequently used multimedia programs. Runs on a robust Series 60 platform, quadband, 3G, has mini-USB outlet, external card slot for up to 2GB of microSD flash media, 2-megapixel CMOS camera (with LED flash), 2.75 hours of talktime and an estimated 8.5 days on standby!

Extract from CNET Asia

Nokia N95

September 27, 2006


Nokia’s new flagship N-series phone, the N95. Geeks can’t get lost with this as it comes with GPS. In case it doesn’t work, he can still take a picture with the 5 megapixel camera and MMS it to somebody with a map. WLAN 802.11b/g for surfing wirelessly and WCDMA and HSDPA 2100 for video calls and broadband speed. I like.

Now why is it still a block? Hey, Nokia Engineers and Designers!… Can we have less blocks? Its not nice bulging out at the pocket. Well, at least the block is nice at the back…

Extract from CNET