JVC Sound Garden Concept

November 5, 2008

JVC created modular multi-directional speakers and subwoofer powered by an internal amplifier. It’s also made of totally renewable, sustainable materials as summarily represented by the cute little bonsai.

Extract from Yanko Design

JVC Waterproof MP3 Player

December 9, 2007


JVC Japan’s XA-AW33 is the world’s first water proof MP3 player designed specifically for bathing using. Featuring a floating design that’s completely water proof. Using just 4 AAA batteries and get up to 15 hours of playback time with 256MB of your favorite songs.

Extract from Victor.JVC

JVC Pulsating Sphere Speaker

September 17, 2006

JVC announces the development of a ‘Pulsating Sphere’ Speaker with properties very close to the ideal sound source. A first-of-a-kind speaker system that “breathes” sound rather than vibrates. This technology uses the entire surface of the Pulsating Sphere speaker as an emitter. With its 12-sided dodecahedral design, it has the ideal structure to create this size of multi-sided polyhedron sphere.

The ‘Pulsating Sphere’ is synonymous with an ideal sound source, a goal for sound engineers for over sixty years. Unlike traditional speakers, the pulsating sphere “has no hard surface, which prevents the distortion which comes with it.

And I thought Bose speaker’s chamber was complex… 60 years!…. Why so long? And it looks like something out of Star Wars with ugly stands.

Extract from JCN