Once upon a time, desktop computer looks like a big metal box. In my memory, it’s probably a metal box for 20years and only started to be different like 2 years ago.

HP Firebird with Voodoo DNA looks like a part of Gundam and has an Intel Core 2 Quad CPU, twin NVIDIA GeForce 9800S graphics cards in an SLI configuration, 2 hot-swappable 320GB hard drives, Blu-ray, Bluetooth, 802.11n WiFi and an advanced thermal management system to keep things cool and quiet.

Extract from HP

HP Pavilion HDX

May 16, 2007

HP has crossed the 17-inch widescreen notebooks that are displacing the desktop PC in an increasing number of homes and created the Pavilion HDX Dragon: A desktop slayer with a staggering 20.1-inch widescreen panel rated for true 1080p HD resolution.

Intel’s fastest Core 2 Duo at 2.4GHz, 4GB of RAM, 400GB of storage. A combo analogue and digital high-def TV tuner is standard; as is an HD-DVD drive, four inbuilt Altec Lansing speakers with a sub-woofer, and remote control unit which docks into the keyboard. The Pavilion HDX will reach Asia Pacific in August. With a starting price of US$2,999 (S$4,548.58) for the most basic configuration… Start saving.

Extract from CNET

HP TouchSmart PC

January 25, 2007

This retro modern PC is not incredibly fast, does not look like a workhorse (AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-52 1.6GHz processor, 2GB RAM), but this USD2,499 machine with a 19 inch widescreen LCD is touchscreen capable and loaded with Window Vista. TouchSmart PC is an all-in-one family media hub for doing things like searching for cooking recipe, playing a game (comes with 256mb Nvidia GeForce Go 7600), flirt with a mistress and doing some online shopping…

Extract from CNET Asia

The HP iPaq rx5900 Travel Companion delivers a sleek all-in-one navigation, productivity, and entertainment device to mobile professionals. It not only offers the benefits of a Windows Mobile PDA but also integrates GPS into the mix. 

The travel-friendly handheld measures just 120.5 x 76 x 16.5mm and weighs 170g ounces, has a 3.5-inch, QVGA touch screen, 400 MHz processor, 2Gb ROM, 64Mb RAM, SD, SDIO, MMC expansion slot, Removable, rechargeable 1,700mAh Lithium-ion battery, Windows Mobile 5.0, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB. It is slow to acquire an initial satellite fix and as subpar battery life…

Design wise, its very different from the current PDAs, and has a portrait view for navigation.

HP Printing Mailbox

October 20, 2006


I have an aunt who lives in Sweden… and once a year she will takes some pictures (many times around her garden showing her incredible success in growing a little pumpkin or apples or some other fruits) and send it via email to me so I will print it out to show to my mum… you get the idea.

Presto is an e-mail service for people who don’t have e-mail, computer or internet access. The service limits e-mails to receipts from known addressees, so there’s no spam. The e-mail service combines with a HP printer that plugs into a standard phone line and prints out received e-mails, photos, etc. in pre-formatted templates to the recipient. The only maintenance for the end-user is adding paper and changing the ink cartridge (that could be a problem). Presto even notifies the user when it is time to do that!The printer is available for USD149.99 .

Extract from Presto