Starck new Fossil collection have metal of the inner part of the display cantilevered out into a clear section of the metal case to produce a dramatic face that you can see right through.
If you have really hairy arms, this see-through design might not look quite as clean as it does in these pictures…

Extract from technabob

Starck Veiled

July 13, 2007


Designer Philippe Starck is a master of modern minimalism, and his latest timepiece is no exception.

His Veiled Watch cleverly conceals an analog watch face behind a specially electroplated crystal that looks like a continuation of the stainless steel watch band. The entire design is perfectly flush with the case, creating a striking illusion that the watch is just a continuous metal bracelet.

Even the time-setting crown pushes flush into the back of the case, eliminating any distraction from the clean lines of the watch.

Extract from Fossil

O-ring Digi by Starck

November 27, 2006

I saw this Fossil watch by Starck yesterday at Metro departmental store. I thought it was just a digital watch with a mirror in the center and I was wandering what for. Today, I saw it online… with a hole in the center and I was wandering what for again… but hey! Its a hole!…

Extract from Fossil