Dyson Air Multiplier

September 8, 2010

The Dyson Air Multiplier fan works very differently to conventional fans. It uses Air Multiplier technology to draw in air and amplify it 15 times, producing an uninterrupted stream of smooth air.┬áThe advantage to this design is that you don’t have to worry about kids sticking their fingers into the fan and cleaning is as simple as wiping the ring with a piece of cloth.
The Air Multiplier comes in three sizes. The 25cm and 30cm Table version AM01, available now in Singapore, costs SGD399 (USD297.14) and SGD429 (USD319.48), respectively. The former is available in iron/blue shades while the larger fan comes in white/silver and silver/iron colors. The bigger Tower AM02 and Pedestal AM03 versions which will set you back SGD699 (USD520.55).

Extract from Dyson

Dyson Airblade

October 4, 2006

Invented by the Japanese, modified by Mr Dyson and called his own, Dyson Airblade, a supercharged hand dryer that pumps room-temperature air through a tiny slot at 400mph. Dyson claims the device uses a “windshield-wiper” effect, drying both hands in 10 seconds and since it doesn’t use any hot air, he says it uses 83% less energy.

I just like the orange light there. Anyway, I find this type of hand dryer really efficient but really grotesque too… have you seen the dirt and hair and what sh*t collected at the bottom?

Extract from The Sun

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