Creative Zen X-Fi

July 31, 2008

Zen X-Fi is the first digital media player to be built with Creative’s X-Fi technology. Comes in 16GB or 32GB models with up to 36hrs audio playtime or 5hrs video playtime. Equipped with wireless capability, you can stream and download digital content wirelessly from your PC to your ZEN X-Fi within a home network and stay connected with friends on Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger.
The built-in X-Fi technology is supposed to intelligently moves a conventional left/right earphone stereo source away from your ears, virtually expanding it for an audio experience with a breathtakingly realistic depth of field. You’ll feel as if you were listening to your music from a pair of high end speakers.

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Creative InPerson

February 13, 2008

Creative’s portable InPerson conferencing system consists of a device that resembles a 10-inch laptop, with a wide-angle view VGA-resolution Webcam, running off on 2 hour capacity battery or AC. You can hook it up to your TV for a more life-size conversation. It connects to the Net via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet, going through Creative’s servers for the video and VoIP audio. You can also stick an SD card in the slot and use it as a really expensive photo frame. USD699.95, and there’s a USD10 per month subscription fee for the Web service.
Why can’t I use my PC webcam or mobile phone instead?

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The Creative ZEN™ Stone now comes with a blue OLED screen. With 2GB capacity, radio, voice recording, stopwatch function for the sportsman in you to time your runs and up to 9.5 hours of continuous music playback.

For the less sporty, the TravelSound ZEN Stone portable speakers is a palm-sized one-piece speaker that lets you share music stored in your ZEN Stone or ZEN Stone Plus MP3 players instantly and claims a a playback time of up to 21 hours on 2 AAA batteries…

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Creative ZEN™ Stone

May 3, 2007


Creative introduced the Creative ZEN™ Stone, the tiny, featherweight 1GB MP3 player priced at only US$39.99, available by May 14. It features a smooth contoured design, drag and drop up to 250 songs, listen to up to 10 hours from a single charge and not LCD screen. Hmmm… an answer from Creative to Apple’s iPod shuffle?

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Creative Xdock Wireless

January 13, 2007


If you can’t beat them in their game, then join them. As long as there’s money to make, why not. From Creative comes an iPod accessory…

It takes stereo audio from the docked iPod or Zen and upconverts it through “Xtreme Fidelity” to quality that is better than CD, and be streamed wirelessly to X-Fi wireless receivers. I want to complain again.. why so many parts? and why the bloody ugly remote???

Extract from CNET

Wow… so many created and let loose in public and they all look the same, big and blocky… which to choose… I seem to have a problem with Creative’s product colour schemes (I didn’t mean it though), but it really doesn’t fix my surroundings… but then Logitech is doing it too. Is it just me or is it these group of targeted market lives in a monotone world?  

Anyway, I feel its a must have for home theaters and gamings without the clutter of wires to deal with (Not completely wireless, just the rear speakers). Maybe they could try make it look like flower pots…

Extract from Logitech, Creative

A true Plug and Play webcam… because it doesn’t come with a driver. Hook it up to a USB port and start video chatting right away! Well of course you have to set up with the chat software first. It takes photos at up to 1.3 megapixel resolution with viewing angle rotation of 270° and smooth, full motion 30fps digital video streams with High Speed USB 2.0 throughput. The only fault, it doesn’t match my notebook with it transparent and white finishing…

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Creative Xmod

October 4, 2006


Claims “Experience your MP3 music beyond studio quality. Restore the details and vibrance that your music lost during MP3 compression; Enjoy all your music and movies in surround sound on any stereo speaker system or headphones; Connect in seconds to your notebook, PC or Mac to create an Xtreme Fidelity sound system”

Fwah! Looks nice and simple. I like the big knob. Thats it. I don’t want this to add up more tangled mess to my table, or an extra bulge in my pocket. Doesn’t even match my room deco or my players… Maybe next time when it has other colour choice, shape, size, wireless, as an attachment…

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