C-Cap is meant to improve medication adherence by reminding diabetics and other patients requiring injected medication when to take the next dose, while housing the medication for convenience.

For instance, when it’s time for a diabetic to take their insulin, the C-Cap’s light will glow green. If they are late, the color will turn to yellow and the pen may chime as a reminder. Then, after the patient takes their meds, the pen will turn red until the next dose.

Extract from Medicom

Serenata Music Phone

October 5, 2007

Bang & Olufsen and Samsung comes together again, this time to create the new Serenata music phone, sporting the distinctive look and sure-to-be ludicrous pricing that B&O is known for. Loaded with 4GB of flash memory, the Serenata has a built-in speaker that’s designed to pump out your jams with no headphones necessary. The phone also sports an iPod-esque touch ring for control and a dock for charging and syncing it up with your computer. Oh.. its 3G too…

Extract from Serenata

BeoSound 3 is a portable, personal music player that delivers astounding sound. Powered by a rechargeable battery, there are no cables or plugs – just the incredible sound from FM radio or music files on SD memory cards. There are no visible buttons along the brushed anodised aluminium surface of BeoSound 3. Instead, soft-touch operation along with an aerial antenna that appears from nowhere adds a touch of magic to the BeoSound 3 experience. The oversized handle ensures easy carrying and combines with a specially developed bracket for wall mounting.

Extract from B&O

EarSet 2 is the latest handsfree mobile headset from Bang & Olufssen. Real attention has been paid to detail here, and unfortunately, it’s reflected in the price. Still, if you have £211 going spare, you might do well to take advantage of this very stylish and well thought out headset. EarSet 2 is designed with digital signal processing technology that eliminates background noise and boasts very high transmission quality due to its two omni-directional microphones. The shiny aluminium and soft-touch black plastic make an appealing and sensory design, and the ringing melody is even adapted for use close to the ear.

Extract from B&O

Bang & Olufsen Serene

December 10, 2006


This phone has been around for a while isn’t it? Or not? I have seen it online for quite a while… but only today did I get a clear picture like this.

When closed, the Serene has a curved trapezoidal clamshell design and appears to be covered in black soft-touch plastic accented with a chrome-finish hinge. A charger jack sits on one side of the top flap while a tiny camera lens is housed on the other (shoot pictures sideways???), and you need to unscrew to remove the cover and access the battery as well as the SIM card.

By nudging the phone flap slightly, an internal motor will open and close by the phone by itself. A rotary-style keypad on the top and the screen on the bottom to prevent it from being smudged with your oily face. Has 2.2-inch, 262,000-color screen but the only menu color option is a black background with blue highlights and white text. Navigating the phone via the click wheel within the keypad. SGD 2,500 for a bare-bones features tri-band phone. What for?

Extract from CNET Asia

CES 2007 Gadgets galore!

November 9, 2006


Philips DECT Cordless Phone/Answering Machine. Sophisticated, sleek design features a unique acoustic chamber

Bang & Olufsen’s first Bluetooth ear set, EarSet2

Sony PLAYSTATION(r)3 computer entertainment system, a platform to enjoy next-generation video game and entertainment content in the home through the combined Cell processor and Blu-ray Disc (BD) technology

The Monster Central Home Theater and Lighting Controller 300-S featuring web based setup, Z -Wave compatibility, intelligent tracking memory, advanced ergonomic design, and one-button macro command capability

 CASIO’s G’zOne TYPE-V, a rugged, shock and water resistant phone featuring large 2.2″ color screen, 2.0 megapixel CMOS camera, LED light and VZ Navigator using the power of GPS technology

Bang & Olufsen BeoCom 4, cordless telephone combining form and function into one distinctive unit

PHILIPS SoundBar DVD Home Theater featuring SonoWave, delivers truly embracing surround sound

JBL(r) Project Everest DD66000 Loudspeaker, JBL’s finest loudspeaker ever created, employs the company’s most advanced technologies and materials to deliver unprecedented sonic accuracy and musical realism

PHILIPS SGC5103BD amBX Premium PC starter Kit enables a sensory surround experience gameplay by using accessories that effect wind movement, sight, sound and vibration for total immersion in the game

Kodak bridges the gap between ultra-compact and long-zoom digital cameras with the innovative Kodak EasyShare V610 Dual Lens Digital Camera, the world’s smallest 10X zoom digital camera

Extract from CES 2007

A new device to help patients make sure they’re on track for taking medication. ‘The Helping Hand’ is an innovative electronic tablet dispenser device that helps patients remember to take and track their prescribed medication. The aptly named “Helping Hand,” which looks like a slightly curved handset, stores a blister pack of medication and then will send a signal to a computer or cell phone (via Bluetooth or USB) to remind you to take your meds. The Helping Hand’s red, yellow or green lights will go off to give a visual cues as to how many instances have been missed, and can upload that info to your doctor.

Now, what if my pills don’t come in a blister pack?

Extract from Luxurylaunches.com