A History of Game Controllers

December 17, 2008

This is a collection of small multiples of game controllers of the main gaming systems from the past 25 years, spanning from the Atari 2600 to the Nintendo Wii was created by Damien Lopez.
The purpose of the piece is to show the progression of controller design throughout the last quarter-century. The images have been normalized, and the hands are all approximately the same size as each other, and thus the controllers all to scale.
This is a very good illustration and reference for gamepad and controller designers, looking at the ergonomics for gamers. 

Extract from designblog


So cool… Atari Joystick turn Plug and Play turn keychains… with games! Remind me of Nintendo’s keychain gameboys with Game and watch series games.


These Atari keychains work the same way as the original versions, just plug into your TV and play…

Well its a novelty… play it once or twice and you will be bored already… unless you are kidnapped and stuck in the cellar for eight years… but still, its fun for a few minutes…

Extract from ThinkGeek