Ribbon Stair

May 3, 2009

“Thin staircase constructed from 10mm thick sheet metal, the concept was inspired by delicate rippling ribbon. Pairs of adjoining steps connected with an oblique external side joist form a bracket anchored in the wall. Each of the brackets is constructed as a rigid frame. The higher steps bear mainly drawing forces, while pressure is transmitted through the lower steps.”

Extract from HSH

Random pic of the week

April 27, 2009

Don’t use this stair if you are in a hurry.
Creative installation ‘le grand escalier’ for the ‘Abbaye de Corbigny’ by Krijn de Koning Architect.

Extract from The Trendy Girl

Carbon Fibre Stairs

August 11, 2008

Spiral staicase with ultra thin carbon treads, stainless steel pole and handrail. Glass panels form the balustrade.

Stacking staircase with thin bends of carbon fibre and stainless steel handrail. So refreshingly transparent…

Extract from DNA Stair

Tolo House

May 22, 2008

This house, located in a sharply inclined terrain, is a composition of small linked and interconnected volumes. It consists of three bedrooms, a social bathroom, a living room, a dinning room, a small kitchen with a support washbasin, pantry, and even a small outdoor swimming pool. It faces south, allowing it to receive optimal solar exposure and to enjoy a particular natural view. The living area does not exceed 180sqm.

Extract from arch Daily


March 15, 2007

If falling down a flight of stairs hurts… this will be hell… oopss… its upsidedown…

These are stairs of a private residence in Stockholm, Sweden. They must be feeling bored… I know they are…

Extract from TAF