Dyson Air Multiplier

September 8, 2010

The Dyson Air Multiplier fan works very differently to conventional fans. It uses Air Multiplier technology to draw in air and amplify it 15 times, producing an uninterrupted stream of smooth air. The advantage to this design is that you don’t have to worry about kids sticking their fingers into the fan and cleaning is as simple as wiping the ring with a piece of cloth.
The Air Multiplier comes in three sizes. The 25cm and 30cm Table version AM01, available now in Singapore, costs SGD399 (USD297.14) and SGD429 (USD319.48), respectively. The former is available in iron/blue shades while the larger fan comes in white/silver and silver/iron colors. The bigger Tower AM02 and Pedestal AM03 versions which will set you back SGD699 (USD520.55).

Extract from Dyson


One Response to “Dyson Air Multiplier”

  1. Posted by: pdk8 from Plymouth, MN on 08/10/2010This is my second Dyson product (I also own a vacuum, the Animal). True to form, the people at Dyson really do engineer smart products while integrating a bit of the wow factor design-wise. Aesthetics aside, the fan works as advertised and moves a great deal of air. Place it next to a central air vent, set it on oscillate, and it can quickly cool a room. If you have kids, pets, or simply dislike the generic appearance of a blade fan, then this product is a good solution. Many people comment on how much noise Dyson fans make. I really didn’t have much of an issue with it; after all, it’s a table fan and most create some noise. I honestly think part of it is simply a function of what you’re setting the fan on. If you’re setting it on a carpeted floor or rug and have it pointed upward, it makes roughly the same amount of sound as your central air. If you set it on a flimsy particle board coffee table or something hollow, it will make as much noise as any other fan. As advertised, it does provide a more constant stream of air (no buffetting) and oscillates quite well. If you typically spend more money for quality products, then you likely won’t be disappointed with the Dyson fan. If you’re expecting this to provide more wind than the BMW wind tunnel without any sound, then you might be disappointed.

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