BMW Lovos

September 26, 2009

BMW Lovos concept uses solar technology. The body of Lovos consists of 260 identical interchangeable particles contained in the hinges on the overall structure. These individual elements are mobile and can be closed, as fish scales, or open.

Scales operate as an air brake, and turn with the sun, gathering energy through solar cells located on them. 12 scales, closing each wheel is also functional: As soon as the car begins to move, they change their position, moving into the wheel, creating a semblance of turbines.

Extract from cardesign

5 Responses to “BMW Lovos”

  1. Fiona Regan Says:

    that looks so cool!

  2. Stefan Says:

    I like it. Looks extremely stylish and “bionic” – like a reptile; especially on the last image. But from the first image I wonder if the driver has a sufficient view through the windshield at all. The scales seem to narrow the view a bit, at seems. But after all I don’t think the study isn’t meant to be down to earth really.

  3. hamza Says:

    Amazing design!!!

  4. GumCloud Says:

    Its like a chameleon, I thought it can change its colors by flipping those metal thinggies

  5. Alex Says:

    Oh… my… god… I want one.

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