Modern Warfare 2’s Night Vision Goggles

July 19, 2009

Video gaming is getting really life like. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 “Prestige Edition,” will include a “fully functioning night vision goggles.” No idea how well they work… but this is really amazing. Maybe it’s even cheaper than what the army is using…

Extract from Engadget

14 Responses to “Modern Warfare 2’s Night Vision Goggles”

  1. DK Says:

    Anyone have any information on what type of goggles these are or what company has made them. I would really like to find out the quality of these NVG. hit me up

    • aaron fleming Says:

      they aren’t good at all if you zoom in on them you can tell that there made buy infinity ward because it shows there symbol on it and it has mw2 on the top that means its going to be a fking joke and suck.

    • Jack Says:

      They are essentially Generation 1 NOD. That means that they do not amplify ambient light, but rather use those LED lights in the center to create an infrared flashlight. This light will be invisible to the naked eye, however to anyone using any form of Night Vision it will be as though you are shining an extremely bright flashlight in the area. Google “eyeclops.” These are essentially the same technology, with only the appearance of the design changing.

    • jo jo Says:

      they are made in a chinese factory by the thousands you can see some leaked pics on the net im questioning the quailaty

  2. dannypwns Says:

    Yea i really want to buy these but i don’t want to get f***ed over. Does anyone have this info?

  3. pussy Says:

    the night vision goggles are a fuken joke there shit. i can buy the same thing in walmart for 5 dollars

  4. I can’t wait till MW2 is released! Just a couple of months now :p I ordered the Prestige edition ^_^

  5. Dex Says:

    Contrary to what “pussy” says, and with a name like that I’m shocked… It claims they can see 50’… This is more than the length of most broad sections of a house (outdoors)… Imagine your 25′ tape measure extended on the gound twice in front of you. If you were entering a room, they should give you full clean sight of every inch. Of course this is what they say… It looks as if it has infra red diodes mounted up front like an light vision security camera, so I’m gonna go on to say I believe them… And pussy’s reference to walmarts toys, well… comon, I doubt with their claims that they are going to get away with packaging a flashlight on a headband!

  6. Dunk Says:

    the goggles and the game look amazing i just hope the goggles are the real deal because the game is 50 pounds and it 90 for the goggles too but i hope im not getting ripped of for and extra 40 quid

  7. jackass 2 Says:

    idk if it will be worth it i have been looking for an anwser everywhere they all seem to say its like a bright flashlight but they look real so idk what to tell you all

  8. latexlieutenant Says:

    Okay,for my fellow prestige edition buyers..don’t expect “Navy Seal or Army” quality. These are merely a cheaper version of the hunting style for hunters. But they will still work well. They are good enough quality and they’ll probably see about 35-40feet. But its cool, that’s a whole lot better than nothing, right? Don’t worry. I have a lot of trust in infinity ward. They won’t let me down..And to all the fags that are knocking the goggles. Its just because their poor asses are jealous of us, and they don’t have enough cash. But if they did, you know they would totally buy this package. So you dumb, jealous retards stop bringing down everyone else..It’s not like you HAVE to buy it..So shut up now. I’m sick of it. So please stop. And YES, i bought it. Because i am wealty..Im sorry, but its true….Someone had to say it. Well, haha thanks.

  9. latexlieutenant Says:

    Oh, and haha i can’t wait until tuesday. And in california, we get wednesday off of school! So i get a whole day to play it haha! Im excited. And “dunk”, don’t worry you’ll get your moneys worth…

  10. sloppy joe Says:

    i just bought the game and have to say these goggles are acceptional for their price. i wasnt expecting amazing military grade night vision but they are better than any other night vision you could buy at a toy store or walmart.

  11. chazz Says:

    can someone help the red ring of led on my nvgs wont go on

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