Eneloop Lamp

July 1, 2009

Sanyo rechargeable Eneloop Lamp light your home when upright or your path when held like a flashlight as it passes the 90-degree mark. It also features a healing function that emits a cool blue light. The internal AAs recharge in about 12-hours when set atop the included induction charger. Fully charged, you can expect between 3 to 45 hours of white light, 12 to 16 hours of the blue glow, and about 6 hours in flashlight mode.

Extract from Sanyo

Sid Wichienkuer proposal for the TU Delft School of Architecture used sections and topographies as a driving  force. The building is
oriented around a central quad at its base, surrounded by the school’s library and a series of design laboratories.

As the building roses, each floor is centered around a gathering or communal space at its core, with other rooms radiating outwards. an expandable auditorium is centered on this level. 

The building’s facade is kept porous with a series of horizontal pieces spaced apart.  These levels can be used as outdoorseating and stairs, allowing students to climb the building.

Extract from Sid Wichienkuer