Imagine what is on the top of this tower?
Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas hasĀ  thrill rides on top of it, none of them would be particularly noteworthy if they were planted on the ground, but at more than 900 feet above Vegas’ famed strip, they’re all beyond wild and two of them may just be the most thrilling, if not terrifying, rides on the planet.

The Big Shot is a hydraulic freefall drop tower, similar to many found at theme parks except this one is on top of the tower.

Insanity has seats tethered to an arm that swings out beyond the tower leaving riders dangling 1000 feet in the air. As the ride begins its circular motion, the seats rise and tilt downward to the Strip.
XScream resembles a giant seesaw that sends riders teetering over the edge of the tower.

Extract from Stratosphere Las Vegas