Samsung Slim Blu-ray Player BD-P4600

April 10, 2009

Samsung’s newest Blu-ray players continue the trend of stylish and décor-friendly electronics with new versions of Samsung’s Touch of Color™ (ToC™) design and touch sensitive controls.
The wall-mountable BD-P4600 is just 1.5 inches thin with a piano black design infused with ruby highlights along the outer edges. An integrated stand lets the BD-P4600 be placed on a table at a 25 degree angle.

It can access the latest Blu-ray features either wirelessly using the included 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi dongle, or via the traditional wired Ethernet connection.
Consumers can even stream music, videos, and photos directly from a networked PC with the players, for instant playback and big-screen enjoyment in the living room.

Extract from Samsung


2 Responses to “Samsung Slim Blu-ray Player BD-P4600”

  1. That is very pretty. It is almost a bummer that it doesn’t do more than play blue rays.

  2. Great post. this is what I looking for, thanks

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