Stacked Series Lamps

March 18, 2009

When a lamp shade becomes unnecessary. Both hanging and free standing, these neon lamps are made by stacking individual hand bent neon components atop each other. They looked like lamp shades yet now light emits from the exterior rather than within. 

Extract from roger borg


4 Responses to “Stacked Series Lamps”

  1. Pure Light Says:

    The big question is how much power do they consume compared to a cfl lamp? They look wicked, where can you buy them?

  2. roger borg Says:

    in answer to your question, they consume more than a cfl bulb, but not much more than an incandescent. and considering the tremendous amount of lumens given off, it is a trade off i was willing to make.
    if they were smaller, and a similar size to a cfl, they would be more efficient than the cfl. neon is one of the most energy efficient lighting sources, even more so than LED’s per lumen per watt.

  3. SixLight Says:

    Superb those shades of light !

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