February 24, 2009

“…With the “Forest-table” we incorporate the contrast between the prehistoric and the modern, the contrast between the wild and the artificial and play with it in an ironic way. We bring the prehistoric situation, the forest, into the dining room. The dinnerware “disappears” into the “wild” and the user has to “hunt” for the utensils in order to feed. The tablecloth and the utensils are printed with a photo of forest-ground motif generating a camouflage effect. Creating a prehistoric atmosphere in our otherwise normal table situation.”

Extract from hun design

Invisible Streetlight

February 24, 2009

Invisible streetlight by Jongoh Lee has been designed to depict the processes of photosynthesis conducted by plants using solar energy.

By saving energy from sunlight during the day like actual trees, it emits light at night. the Lights’ flexible body can be directly wrapped around a tree branch with no support required, blending into the surrounding environment.

Extract from designboom