Küppersbusch Induction Wok

February 12, 2009

The Küppersbusch Induction Wok Cooktop was introduced in 2003…  it uses electromagnetic induction to prepare food faster while saving more energy, employs Sensor-Touch controls (no knobs) and innovative Glass Ceramic surfacing, features Child-Safety Lock and Pan Detection, is so easy to clean and comes with the Wok.
So why don’t I see it in the chinese market? Is it because of the price tag of USD 3500 or it’s being sold in an American market or it still does not answer the chinese way of cooking (flame makes a good taste) or the chinese prefers their own light and rusty wok?

Extract from Küppersbusch

Fairytale Bookmarks

February 12, 2009

“The quirky bookmarks in this set look like paperclips with feet, arms, or a tail. When used as bookmarks, they appear to be small people or animals stuck between the pages of a book.”

Extract from MoMA Store