February 11, 2009

“The desk ‘Clark’ provides temporary storage which is not about filing or sorting but simply stacking. Everything stays within reach and does not disappear In drawers or cupboards.

The areas for stationary are grouped around the desk. To the left there is a deep case which can hold big stacks. The case is open and slightly tilted towards the desk. To the rear there is a case attached to the workspace which holds box files. The files sink completely into the case but can be reached easily through the opening at the back. The shallow box at the back is suitable for smaller stacks. To the right there is a compartment which can be used for a variety of things.

Extract from llot llov

Logitech Lapdesk

February 11, 2009

Laptops are not meant to be on your lap, I know mine will burn my thighs… Enjoy more comfort —on the sofa, bed, or even the floor with this stable, lightweight design from Logitech that helps protect you from notebook heat, and helps improve neck and leg comfort.

Extract from Logitech


February 11, 2009

Nice table… interesting illusion from the front.
Noviaz is a desk with clear and minimalist lines made from solid oak and stained black. It has a single storage compartment made from solid walnut with no mechanism for the compartment to slide.

Extract from Stylepark