Bird Feeder

February 28, 2009

Save your bread crumbs and feed your bird at the same time…

Extract from Tasarim

SanDisk’s new card readers. Sporting a stylish glossy black and metallic silver design, each reader’s tripod base is detachable, creating instant portability.
“The new SanDisk ImageMate readers are two of the fastest and most reliable USB readers, capable of transferring 1-gigabyte of data in less than 35 seconds, the ImageMate readers’ space-saving vertical design makes them unobtrusive on your desk, but with such stylish looks they can’t help but stand out.”
I just want one that is so small and attractive that I can leave on the table and not forget them.

Extract from SanDisk


February 27, 2009

Functional Sculpture… an art piece which you can sit on… but will you?

Extract from yatzer

Renaissance Pavilion

February 26, 2009

Renaissance Pavilion features an inflatable structural skin that is precision-cut by computer-controlled machines. It fully inflates in a little more than an hour, and the entire skin is 100% recyclable through a process called Texyloop.

Wind turbines will help generate the power needed to maintain the inflatable structure and any lighting systems deployed during the evening. The hope is that the pavilion will be completely self-sustaining and will provide a versatile performance space even in off-the-grid locations.

Extract from Various Architects

Paper Clip Lamp

February 26, 2009

Paper Clip Lamp, handmade from over 4,000 little clips, casts a prism-like pattern onto ceiling and walls when illuminated by its half-silvered bulb.

Extract from Apartment Therapy

Construction Eating Kit

February 25, 2009

Construction Eating Kit comes a bulldozer pusher, fork lift fork, and front loader spoon. Designed with function and play value in mind, these “tools” have textured, easy grip handles and detailing that allows little hands to hold on tight.
Maybe it’s a transition from eating out of an aeroplane

Extract from flyingpeas


February 24, 2009

“…With the “Forest-table” we incorporate the contrast between the prehistoric and the modern, the contrast between the wild and the artificial and play with it in an ironic way. We bring the prehistoric situation, the forest, into the dining room. The dinnerware “disappears” into the “wild” and the user has to “hunt” for the utensils in order to feed. The tablecloth and the utensils are printed with a photo of forest-ground motif generating a camouflage effect. Creating a prehistoric atmosphere in our otherwise normal table situation.”

Extract from hun design

Invisible Streetlight

February 24, 2009

Invisible streetlight by Jongoh Lee has been designed to depict the processes of photosynthesis conducted by plants using solar energy.

By saving energy from sunlight during the day like actual trees, it emits light at night. the Lights’ flexible body can be directly wrapped around a tree branch with no support required, blending into the surrounding environment.

Extract from designboom

Random pic of the week

February 23, 2009

Romantisch, a table made of candle wax, can be seen either as the perfect spot for a romantic candle-lit dinner, or a poignant homage to the passage of time as your table melts with every meal.
You will have to buy spares… and eat fast before the tabe collapse…

Extract from R&S

Solar Cells

February 23, 2009

An idea so simple. It get rid of the additional charging holder, cables, sockets, broken finger nails…
But… does batteries explode when it is exposed to too much heat?

Extract from crowded