+Shifter Faucet

January 14, 2009

+Shifter faucet designed for car enthusiasts. It can be used to change people’s behavior. so as to achieve the purpose of water conservation.

Extract from Yanko Design

Samsung TL100 Slim Camera

January 14, 2009

Samsung take idiot proof camera’s ease of use to a “new level” with the TL100 slim camera, capable of automatically detecting whether you’re taking a picture of a mountain or a person and toggling the appropriate mode accordingly.

It can even go ahead and just take the picture for you in certain modes, able to tell when everyone has their eyes open or is beaming a sufficiently big enough smile.
It will also take 800 x 592 videos at 20fps, and manages to pack a 2.7-inch TFT LCD into a body that is just 16mm thick.

Extract from Engadget