Christmas Coke Bottles

December 25, 2008

Looks like christmas tree ornaments… bombs… toys… imagine the potential this can have…

Merry Christmas!

Extract from Laughing Squid

3 Responses to “Christmas Coke Bottles”

  1. Brent Says:

    we actually bought 8 of these and they are a cool novelty. when they are emptied, you can paint them and decorate them and use them as ornaments.

  2. deeps Says:

    potential to increase waste! sorry, not trying to kill the buzz here, but i foresee a time where everything will be designed with zero waste – design will be biological almost. all industries need to challenge themselves with a different set of sustainable criteria, and design accordingly.

  3. PIXIE Says:

    i want this! but they are not available in sg right? ):

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