Storm MK 2 Circuit Watch

October 14, 2008

More read the dots watch.
“The futuristic design is complemented by an unusual LED time display. The band and case are made from high grade stainless steel.”

Extract from Storm

3 Responses to “Storm MK 2 Circuit Watch”

  1. Annie Says:

    You can get this watch for £91.95 at

    It normally costs £129.95. They do free uk delivery too

  2. Lee Says:

    I am in the USA and looking for a discount site for the Storm mk2 slate watch?? Any ideas?

  3. Craig Says:

    Its great looking and big, but unless you have the reflexes of a cat (it only stays lit for about 2 seconds each time) or the eyesight of an eagle (those numbers lok big in th epic, but are about 6 font really) you can actually tell the time from it to any degree of certainty.

    YOu need two hands to use it (push a button with the other hand to get ot to light up) so pretty hopeless when driving as well.

    Good looking but very flawed proposal

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