De Witt WX-1

September 20, 2008

An authentic machine representing several contemporary worlds, the pulsating heart of the WX-1 is equipped with a vertical flying tourbillon with a carriage performing one revolution per minute and visible through a cylindrical “chimney” located on the back of the case.

The mechanical hand-wound movement comprises a parallel going train with five barrels ensuring a 21-day (approximately 504-hour) power reserve. The parts making up this “competitive racing” engine – barrels, gear train, tourbillon carriage, power-reserve indicator and winding device – are all arranged in vertical order.

The power reserve is displayed by a coaxial roller, while the time of day is read off on two rotating discs. The first, showing the minutes, turns in a clockwise direction, while the one displaying the hours turns counter-clockwise by means of a clever gear system mounted on six runners.

The  WX-1 mainplate and bridges are made from an aluminium-lithium alloy. Composed of 370 parts, its highly complex construction combines grade 5 titanium and eloxed aluminium.

Extract from De Witt


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