Expectation 02

August 30, 2008

“I allow for signifiers of use, such as a door, shelf, or a drawer, with these elements becoming just enough information for the viewer/user to relate to. Through this denial I start to uncover ways furniture communicates and challenges viewers/users to question their expectations of something they are familiar with. The viewer/user then can begin to locate meaning because of this familiarity and start to make sense of the piece. It is important to me that my works challenge how people see art and design and the differences or similarities they have, they can begin looking at both in a new way.”
At first glance I thought it was for sitting, but then it would be a waste of space…
Very cool idea…

Extract from sara huston

A fiber optic light that by adjusting its curve, creates a brighter or more dimming illumination. The 3rd light in a series of three, Kurage3’s fiber optic cable is 1.5 mm thick which creates a bright, illuminating effect.

Extract from Schemata Studio