House Within A House

August 20, 2008

This is a contemporary aquarium that considers architectural elements which are usually overlooked in your typical glass fishbowl. 
Designed to look like a condominium, this humble abode for fish comes as a modular unit so that multiple ‘rooms’ can be stacked on top of one another.  The overall architecture takes into consideration the latest finishes with a maple interior and of course has a lot of windows to let in natural light.
Now your fish can live in style too!


Nulla Minimalist Bike

August 20, 2008

Designer Bradford Waugh came up with Nulla (meaning “nothing”) as a way of making bikes more stylish and lightweight. Lacking spokes, it uses a direct-gear-chain drive system, which leaves the bike looking like a simple set of open curves. It should able to work on a smooth street. Not for any stunts or off road use.

Extract from Tuvie