Bic Disposable Phone

August 14, 2008

When I hear the name Bic, cheap pens come to mind. Now Bic, in partnership with the mobile operator Orange, it has just launched a rechargable ‘disposable’ mobile that has been loaded with the SIM card and 60 minutes of talktime, which should be used in up to 2 months.

The design is not all that great (hardware by Alcatel) but what do you expect from a disposable and its main and only functions are to make and receive calls, and listen to radio. It comes in two colors (green lemon and orange) and the number that comes with the unit is valid for only 12 months.
Good when on the run or for that day when you left your phone at home…

Extract from comunicadores

The Third Space

August 14, 2008

“52 German design students who were handed the knee weakening task of creating a temporary 200sqm world that tries to translate sociological terms like self-portrayal, community and retreat into tangible spatial situations.

As impressive as it is, the real treat is in the details. The entire space was created by lashing together almost 1.3 million cable ties. The result is nothing short of amazing. Visitors are invited to explore the surreal landscape of cocoons, webs and light called “The Third Space” that took a staggering 16,870 hours to complete.”
So beautiful from a distance but gives me the itch close up… It really looks to me like hairy caterpillas… I don’t understand why cable ties, but its really inspiring. 

Extract from Yanko Design