Livescribe Pulse Smart Pen

July 15, 2008

Livescribe aims to revolutionize note-taking by linking your scrawl to audio recordings.
The Livescribe Pulse converts your writing to searchable computer files. The Pulse, though, adds audio recording synchronized to your handwriting. Point the pen to a spot in your notes (or click on your computer screen), and hear what was said when you wrote it.
Next to the ink tip is an infrared camera that reads a grid of nearly invisible dots on special paper. (You can buy preprinted notepads or download a file to print your own pages.) Based on their arrangement in the grid, clusters of dots represent unique numerical values. Since every spot on every page of every pad is numbered, you can write in any order, and the pen can match it to the correct snippet of audio.

Extract from Livescribe


4 Responses to “Livescribe Pulse Smart Pen”

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