Programmable SkyCeiling is a virtual skylight that recreates and simulates the rising and setting of the sun. It creates an enhanced illusion of nature by introducing changes of light and color, in real-time. The programmable features allow SkyCeilings to increase and decrease in light intensity and color to simulate the local rising and setting of the sun – even following the seasons. A computerized control-device that can be programmed for any geographic area is responsible for producing the many subtle changes of the system.

The programmed dimming feature of SkyCeilings has benefits to human physiology and well-being as well. For example, in an ICU the body’s circadian rhythm can be reinforced to help healing. An “opposite” use of this technology can occur in a nurse’s station where an environment of alertness can be created during the middle of the night. Other applications, including shortened or dramatic cycles, extend to casinos, restaurants, home theaters, and other healthcare and hospitality environments.

Extract from Sky Factory