KOR ONE is a reusable bottle conceived and designed in partnership with Eastman Tritan and RKS Design using Bisphenol-A (BPA)-free Tritan copolyester which is “as healthy for consumers as they were for the environment”. A one-handed lid latch system (no lost caps!) that seals the bottle even when laying flat, and a clear, lens-like bottom.

A key element important for manufacturablity and raising perceived value is the elimination of any screws that detract from the design. The body of the vessel itself is formed from a single molded piece of Tritan. The trim pieces snap securely onto the bottle, and are locked into place when the bottle top, which serves as a keystone, is fixed into place. Manufacturing partner Nypro eliminate the “gate” or notch in the center of the bottom to create a beveled window effect by moving the gate off to the side and is under the trim so it doesn’t show.

Extract from KOR Water