Nokia E66

June 17, 2008

Nokia has 2 upgrades for their business line, the E series. The E66 is one of it and can be seen as an upgrade of the E65, It has 3.2-megapixel camera with autofocus and flash built-in, plus a front-facing camera for video calls. Has two customizable Home Screen views, so you can give your business and personal profiles different looks. 110MB of onboard memory with add on (up to 8GB) via the microSD expansion card slot.

The E66 also has an accelerometer which can detect changes in the phone’s orientation and switch from portrait to landscape views (and vice versa) automatically (just like iPhone). You can also silence the phone when it is flipped over.

Besides Wi-Fi, HSDPA, infrared and Bluetooth A2DP, the E66 also comes with GPS for satellite navigation with support for Assisted-GPS (A-GPS).
That’s it. Probably attracts the E65 users to upgrade or E65 lovers to final put in their money for this new souped up version…


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