Nike Mercurial Vapor SL Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

June 13, 2008

Nike’s newest creation is crafted almost entirely of carbon fiber. It took Nike three years to design and produce this version of the Vapor. The outsole plate is seven layers of carbon composite material interwoven with TPU and polyurethane. This eliminates the lasting board and puts the foot closer to the ground. A reinforcing rib offers support. The cleats and stud tips are injected molded to the plate for a strong, single outsole piece, which creates incredible durability. An internal heel cradle keeps your foot securely in place. Weigh 6.7 oz and made in Italy.

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9 Responses to “Nike Mercurial Vapor SL Firm Ground Soccer Shoes”

  1. hi!!

    i want to know if yours tell me who to buy this soocer shoes, because in the EURO SOCCER don´t have my size..

  2. F.Merida Says:

    These boots are superb, certainly very light and when running, feels like you’re just wearing socks.

  3. jesse Says:

    best shoes ever made in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thats the truth

  4. Daniel Says:

    Can i buy these anyway ?
    size uk 7 or 7.5 or 8 ? please

  5. Daniel Says:

    Sorry was meant to say anywhere *

  6. sean Says:

    where can i buy them boots?

  7. Arman Says:

    These studs are superb……I wanna buy them… can I find this ????

  8. Arman Says:

    where can I buy them ???

  9. Ahmed Arman Says:

    I wanna buy them…..but I dun knw….how can I have these sexy studs…..these are so kool…:D!

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