David Mach is a sculptor and installation artist who puts wire hangers to use in his pieces of art. Mach first creates a plastic base of the figure he then wraps in coathangers. Hundreds of basic hangers are welded together and then the plastic base is removed, leaving the hanger sculpture ready for silver nickel plating. Click on the link to see more of this works.

Extract from David Mach


Nike’s newest creation is crafted almost entirely of carbon fiber. It took Nike three years to design and produce this version of the Vapor. The outsole plate is seven layers of carbon composite material interwoven with TPU and polyurethane. This eliminates the lasting board and puts the foot closer to the ground. A reinforcing rib offers support. The cleats and stud tips are injected molded to the plate for a strong, single outsole piece, which creates incredible durability. An internal heel cradle keeps your foot securely in place. Weigh 6.7 oz and made in Italy.

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