Lancer EX: A Review

May 20, 2008

My Proton Gen2 got bang on the butt 230907… heavy rain… crazy motorcyclist… claimed for everything and even bought myself a new 40″ Sony Bravia model which I am staring at now to type this. So… my proton did not do so well even since… major suspension and steering problem, almost cried which I brought it to the car wash, at that very moment, I thought it will be the last time I am giving it a wash.

So… I did not even have a last look at it that day when I do the trade, they just took it away immediately after I hand over the keys.

The Mitsubishi Lancer EX 2008 edition. Its big… very big, had to be more careful when going around multi storey carparks. Even the side mirror is big, can see so much.
Silence… that’s what I got driving it. Except for the first 2 gear, it is silent all the way.
Auto climate control… so cooling in the car you forgot that it’s a bloody hot 35 degrees temperature outside. Its even got a cooler for beverages.
6 Discs MP3 CD player… now I don’t have to keep changing CDs, great sound too.
Rain and light sensor… so it wipes and switches on the lights by itself.
Smart key… I only need the key in my pocket, that’s it. I don’t need to touch it, I can open car door, lock door, start engine, drive, with the key still in my pocket. I can’t lock my car when I leave it if I forgot to take out the key from the car. If I leave the car with the engine still on, it warns me. Wonderful smart key, the most love about this car.
Electronic steering wheel… no effort to turn when parking, gets tighter at fast speed for safety.
Drives steady… the passenger can sleep in this car easily, even has arm rest in the back seat.
Storage… 6 can holders, the cooler cum from compartment, side storage with tissue holder, cigarette pack space and door compartments.
And the hottest about this car… it looks like a shark… I assume the design came from the world war II fighter jet with the shark nose… aggressive. This design is similar to the BMW, the Volvo, the Lexus, I assume the latest look for cars.
What’s bad?
Its not powerful enough, but that’s what you get from an automatic car.
My third day driving it, love it so far but has to get used to it as its so different from the Gen2.

Extract from Lancer EX


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