The Space Invaders LED Doormat is motion-sensitive, so whenever someone comes near, a glowing green invader moves back and forth across its stylish flat panel display, and the invaders only feed on four AAA batteries. Crafted in industrial grade rubberised plastic too.

Extract from FireBox

Pandora Alarm Clock

April 5, 2008

Pandora is an unusual alarm clock designed for people who don’t manage to get up immediately and constantly hit the snooze button so that in the end there is no time left, neither to shower nor to have breakfast.
Once the alarm is switched off, an animation will be laser projected onto your ceiling. After falling asleep again you will be awaken by different sounds which make you open your eyes and look at the ceiling. Instead of showing you the time in numbers, the animation will tell you a story in a count down mode. In changing images you will see what you should be doing at different stages instead of sleeping and there will be catastrophic consequences if you don’t get out of bed.

Extract from MGProducts