Tenga Flip Hole Onacup

April 1, 2008

Called the Tenga Flip Hole onacup, it’s a self actualizing machine that opens up so you can clean it easily. It’s made of silicon, and there are vacuum and pump buttons on it for you to adjust the side and pump. It’s good for fifty goes and will cost you USD99, including three pots of lube.

“The Tenga Flip Hole is NOT designed as an artificial vagina…it’s far better than that.”
This is not a phone… keep out of reach of children…

Extract from kanojotoys


6 Responses to “Tenga Flip Hole Onacup”

  1. Onacup.de Says:

    The Flip-Hole is just great!
    We have been waiting for it ever since it’s introduction
    last year.
    Now it’s finally here for us to try.

  2. Dennis Says:

    Yeah, it’s great…i got it from http://www.tengatango.com

  3. Tenga Toys Says:

    Yes, the Tenga Fliphole is cool, i saw the black version of the Flip Hole that was just released recently in Japan

  4. Yeah, try the new black flip hole as well

  5. Tenga Fliplite is the sequel to the Tenga Fliphole, check it out guys!

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