Nokia E51: A Review

March 22, 2008

At only 12mm thick, slim, solid design with a stainless steel construction, the E61 has multiple dedicated buttons and shortcut keys. Great tactility for messaging. HSDPA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for great connectivity. Generous 130MB (expandable up to 4GB with a microSD card) of onboard memory for a business phone.
I only just got this Black Steel beauty 5hours ago… really like the feel in my hand… but… no front-facing camera for video calls, although I never really used this function. Only 2 mega pixels camera and a small LCD screen but at 2-inch, the QVGA display with an ambient light sensor and LED light indicator customizable to light up in the event of missed calls, incoming text/multimedia messages or emails.
Has 2.5mm audio jack for playing music and radio or just to receive calls, mini-USB port for plucking into your computer for fast transfers.
Good phone to stay in my pocket for a while since there’s really no exciting phones (in my opinion) in the market currently.

Extract from Nokia


2 Responses to “Nokia E51: A Review”

  1. Maria Says:

    I agee that they have given some attractive features with this set but it looks like an ordinary one,i mean to say not good looking.

  2. Eric Love Says:

    I have to agree with Maria. I am not sure that there is anything special looking with this smartphone. Seems that the stakes are higher with iPhone and all the iPhone knock-offs…I am hoping that Nokia has better looking phones than this

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