Plastic Razor Blades

February 2, 2008

Plastic razor blades designed with two sharp edged used for scraping, cleaning and peeling. Quickly and easily removes undesired materials from most surfaces without damage. These blades are not for cutting. They are non-metallic and non-magnetic so they will never rust or corrode and won’t cause interference when used on delicate electronics or electrical components.

They are shaped and sized to fit most standard handheld blade holders used for scraping. However, due to their non-cutting design, they are safe on fingers even when no blade holder is used.
Crusted dirt and bugs, Grime buildup, Labels and stickers, Paint overspray and splatter,Sign Letters, Tape…

I used a metal ruler and saliver… it works too… but with scratches, so I assume this acrylic one will work professionally better…

Extract from Scraperite


One Response to “Plastic Razor Blades”

  1. John Says:

    Excellent idea! I’m constantly ruining electrical components with my scrapings

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