Chair Wardrobe

January 22, 2008

Many times we have found ourselves in a restaurant or cafe without a secure place to hang our jackets or hand bags. We will hang our belongings uncomfortably across the back of our chair for the world to see.
The “Chair Wardrobe” is a design concept by Erohina Yulia that allows for the outside of the chair to appear as a normal chair, but the secret is the inside storage for your items. The design is made of two different colored plastics signifying the double features of the chair.

Extract from Yanko Design


One Response to “Chair Wardrobe”

  1. Odysseus Says:

    I like the idea, but it isn’t “secure”, as everyone else in the restaurant will have the same chair and so know immediately what the “secret” is.
    Looks very uncomfortable too, but still I like the idea, just wouldn’t want to use one myself.

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