Bright Blind

January 12, 2008

Made of electroluminescent (EL) sheets, Makoto Hirahara’s Bright Blind simulates a window where none exists. In all other respects, the artificial blind functions in exactly the same way as a regular blind – ie turning the plastic stick controls the brightness, etc.
If I stare at it long enough in my room, think I might go mad…

Extract from Generate Pipeline

The consumer version doesn’t need to be installed in a wall and doesn’t need to be professionally installed by someone.

The concept is the same: a strip allows you to modularly plug in a bunch of gadgets. Each plug slides up and down the strip so you can position it the way you want. You can even remove plugs if you don’t need so many. Eubiq has a safety feature on each of them that makes it so you can shove your finger inside as much as you want and not be electrocuted. The plug needs to go in and twist to make contact with the sides of the track to reach the live wire (your finger will only hit ground).

Extract from Eubiq

This polish pavilion to be at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai was design by architects Wojciech Kakowski, Marcin Mostafa and Natalia Paszkowska.

Their building is inspired by traditional polish folk art paper cut-outs. The team sought to create a ‘cultural ideogram’ that would signify the country of origin in an iconic way and focuses on exploring the importance of the personal experience between buildings and people.

Extract from designboom

The Eubiq System, first-of-its kind electrical power outlet system that is practical, safe and simply beautiful! Their innovative track capable system allows you to add, remove and reposition power outlets anytime anywhere – by just a simple twist.

Extract from Eubiq