Random pic of the week

January 7, 2008

Despite being static, the object holds a narrative of potential consequence, drawn from our knowledge of eggs and Newton’s cradles. Just by simply being observed, the cradle creates excitement through the low-level anxiety produced from the anticipation of the event that the object hints towards.
So… does it break?

Extract from Kithkin

Flame Edge Lamps

January 7, 2008

Flame edge lamps with matching shade. Simple edgy nice…

Extract from Cole McClelland

Dell Crystal LCD Monitor

January 7, 2008

Tempered glass, highly polished metal tripod stand, unobtrusive connections, capacitive touch controls, integrated webcam, microphone and speakers, and a 22” HD panel helped Dell Crystal take home the 2008 Best of Innovations Award at the International Consumer Electronics Show.
I can’t object. Nice…

Extract from Dell