Nokia 8600 Luna: A Review

December 31, 2007

Its the end of 2007. Most people will look back at what they have done or achieved. I never do that because I always move forward and never look back. Of course life changes over 365days, and Technogad grows and changes too and I thinks its right of me to say a few words about, but not too much.
Technogad did many steps forward. Its  number 11 on the idtomorrow‘s social ranking of the Industrial Design blog community and 2 weeks ago received its first phone from Nokia for a test and review.

So, I received the phone and did what I need to do. First test, I gave the phone to my mum, a technology phobic person, to use for a week. Surprise, there was no complains. This is the power of Nokia user friendliness. Of course, this phone is a basic functions, look good communicating device so it serves its functions.
What I liked about is its personality. Its button pulses through the smoked glass cover when it is slide closed, like a machine with its own heart beat… This is enough for me to love it and put it on top of my ‘want’ list!
Plus, its made of stainless steel thus giving it a nice weight and feel on the palm of your hands. This is like having a Mont Blanc or any glossy heavy writing instrument to sign your cheque, it just feels good. The slimness and curves of this simple phone feels good in the pocket too.
This product is so glossy on the front, you have to constantly polish it, especially for people with oily faces like me, same as what a person would do on a iconic product like the Zippo lighter. And the ‘clink’ when the lighter is opened… the slide of the Luna does not clink but gives a ‘thud’… the spring is robust and slides up fast giving me the feel that it will not break after many uses like most plasticky phones I have, but of course, I have not dropped it yet, but that is another story.
Function wise, its so simple I have nothing much to say except that I like the ‘last used number’ in the SMS function which got rid of the steps of finding the person that you are messaging recently or often. I don’t have this function in all my N-series and older models, so I feel that this function should be in all phones… oh and the sound quality is good too.
This phone is not new but it still feels good to have to now just because its one of those quality phones and cost just a fraction of the Vertu.

Extract from Nokia

Random pic of the week

December 31, 2007

Derrik Wang wants to make sure you never break open your piggy bank just because you’re trying to scrounge up some beer money by making his piggy bank nauseatingly authentic. Not only do pig guts spill out when you break open the bank, the insides are rendered with blood as well, making sure you will only ever retrieve the money when it’s completely necessary—when you’re in the mood for pork.

Extract from Yanko Design

Water Bar

December 30, 2007

This water on the table looks so real, you might think twice before sitting on it. The effect is created using an optical glass block that is crafted in such a way that it gives the impression of flowing water.
What’s worse is that if there’s real spilled water on it, you will not be able to tell… but then this does not label the table less amazing! Loved it.

Extracted from Tokujin Yoshioka Design

Samsung SGH-F330

December 29, 2007

A new form for Samsung’s music range of mobile phones. The Samsung SGH-F330 is 3.5G, 30MB built-in memory with support for a 4GB MicroSD card. Has FM radio, Bluetooth music streaming, Offline Mode, 2 Megapixel VGA camera, simple efficiency.

Extract from Samsung Mobile


December 28, 2007

The Sitscape Couch is crafted to accommodate six of the most common relaxation positions. It is designed to allow for a smooth transition between said positions. So, whether you are lying down or sitting cross-legged, the Sitscape has you covered. The unique contours of the Sitscape couch allow for “new and unexpected possibilities”…

Extract from Hackenbroich Architekten


December 27, 2007

The port-a-bach is a relocatable cabin made from a 20-foot shipping container, complete with kitchen & bath. It sleeps two adults and two children, is power, water and sewer independent, has one wall that folds down to create an open living space and folds back up to secure the unit for storage or relocation.

Extract from materialicious

Lili Webcam

December 26, 2007

Lili Webcam is made from cotton, sand and kapok (a naturally occuring tree fibre). Bendy legs mean she can grip onto your screen or sit anywhere on the desk. Her microphone is hidden and she has a separate audio connector allowing you to control the sound.
Looks like a webcam that I can throw around…

Extract from United Pepper

Metal Figures

December 25, 2007

Next time you build a model, how about trying some adorable cost effective metal silhouettes for your cars and residents? Matte finished, individuals and pairs, standing, walking, sitting, Corbusier´s modulor proportion figure (the guy with one arm raised), person with dog, bicyclist, automobile, flat blank format. Can’t go wrong, it so good to look at…

Extract from Modular

Wii Light Sword

December 25, 2007

For use with Nintendo Wii games console. Simply slip your Wii Remote into the handle and press the on button to instantly power up the sword. Toys like this makes the Wii great… want one… WiiLightsaber!!!

Extract from

Random pic of the week

December 24, 2007


E. V. Day’s ‘‘Mummified Barbie’’ series is a wry commentary on society’s obsession with preserving female beauty. This one is $3,000 at Deitch Projects, 76 Grand Street. This one Barbie collectors must get!

Extract from E. V. Day