Candles with Stand

November 29, 2007


Elite, Elegance, Exclusive is the collection of three similar candles which differ according to stem. This candle-trio is designed for unique occasions.
Candles with stand… nice…

Extract from Comunistar Designers

Dama TV Wardrobe

November 29, 2007

Dama TV wardrobe is equipped with a sliding and projecting door, 100 mm thick, with an integrated television able to slide even when the screen is on. The connecting wires go through the inside part of the door;in such a way, the structure avoids any obstruction in the inside of the wardrobe… woo… I like…

Perfectly integrated with the projecting door, the connecting cables run along the inside of the door,then on the top of the wadrobe.This avoids adding useless clutter to the inside of the wadrobe which can be fitted as desired.

Extract from Presotto