F1 Lawn Mower Concept

November 12, 2007

The mower features a steering wheel with an LCD display, an F1-style front wing, full racing suspension, rear view mirrors and a spark plug with race helmet. It also comes in three styles —Schumacher/Ferrari red, white and John Player Lotus black-and-gold. Not real but nice… maybe it will inspire the grass cutters in Singapore

Extract from CGTalk

Random pic of the week

November 12, 2007

Stephen Williams’ Snake-oil Sales Van: “inspired by the wagons used by traveling salesmen (snake-oil sales men) in the ‘Wild West’ of America. In the 19th century these wagons were used to transport and sell fake medicines and shoddy goods. This version replaces the pair of horses that would pull the wagon with two Honda C90 motorcycles linked together.”

Extract from CR Blog