Stackable City Cars

November 4, 2007

The City Car, a design from the MIT Media Lab, is a stackable, foldable car concept that hopes to alleviate traffic jams. These cars—which are supposed to be rentable near major transportation hubs such as airports and train stations—solve the last mile of public transportation by giving folks a small, low-cost way to drop their vehicles altogether. The cars themselves are supposed to be incredibly agile, being able to turn on the spot and drive sideways to parallel park.
But humans being humans, if the neighbour has a Jaguar, will you settle for something that you don’t even own?

Extract from TR


One Response to “Stackable City Cars”

  1. Garnet Says:

    They look like they might be fun to drive, and that may be an attraction over the Jaguar scenario – sort of like adult bumper cars?!

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