Miscea Touchless Faucet

October 18, 2007

Its motion control interface lets you control the flow by pointing at what you want, and you can even control the temperature of the water with a nonchalant wave of your hand. In the middle of its selector dial, it shows you the water temperature in a digital readout.
Move your hand over one of the indicated sections of the glass interface. If you choose soap, this section will light up then move your hand under the faucet and a dose of soap is dispensed. After choosing a product the faucet will always default back to water. In case you just want to fill a cup, you can hold it under the faucet and water will flow until the cup is removed.
Good product for a person with 2 hands free. Ever try washing your one hand in a toilet while having the other hands holding your shopping bags?

Extract from miscea