Nokia’s “World of Glass and Steel: Beauty with Brains”

October 9, 2007


041007, I was there… had hands-on experience with their latest collection of Nokia’s mobile phones the Nokia 6500 Classic and Slide, and Nokia 7900 Prism… and had 2 red wine…

What have I got to say… robust… these new range of phones, though not high end are rather sturdy in my hands… very different from Nokias of yesteryears… and it’s all about the user. The Prism with it’s running lights from top to bottom when switched off and in reverse when on is an eye candy, the S40 OS on the Nokia 6500 reads the users selections and reconfigures itself so that user uses less clicks for the same function, the usb sockets and TV out for playing photos, movies and games on the TV… I wanted to take them and run… 

On the left N73 3mpix camera with flash, center N95 5mpix camera, right Prism 2mpix… I don’t have to tell you which is the winner…


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